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Kirium's Bullmastiffs

Kirium's Bullmastiffs is located in the middle of the woods in the South of Sweden. We choose to stay a small kennel, so that our dogs may experience a family atmosphere rather than being confined to kennels. Our dogs are all members of the family and spend most of their time together with us. The dogs have six securely fenced acres of land to run on and also get daily workouts to keep them fit and entertained. We average maybe one litter a year, feeling that this is a labor of love - not a way to make money. We do not live off the dogs and therefore never find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to make questionable decisions in order to supplement our income.

A sound and healthy Bullmastiff is a truly beautiful sight, but beauty is not just skin deep and Bullmastiffs, like all purebred dogs have certain specific health problems. We feel that the ability exists to screen for many of these problems before the dogs are bred. All our dogs are health checked extensively. Although this does not guarantee us that we will be problem free, we do feel it increases the odds of producing the next generation with as few problems as possible.

At Kirium's Bullmastiffs our aim is to breed healthy dogs within the upper half of the standard in size. We do not believe that bigger and heavier is better. A correct Bullmastiff is a formidable and truly athletic dog - not an overdone, over wrinkled and cumbersome one. Good movement goes with good construction. Good temperament comes with a sound mind and a good upbringing.

We have owned and/or bred some very successful dogs and bitches. Whilst looks are obviously important to us - a Bullmastiff should be well constructed and look like a Bullmastiff - we feel that a good Bullmastiff should not just be handsome, but most of all a loving, healthy and stable member of his family. No matter how good looking the dog, it is of no value if it is not healthy enough to lead a full life or if it is either too aggressive or too shy to protect its family. We strive to breed intelligent dogs that fit in with their families and also have the ability to do well at different jobs from obedience, search and rescue, to tracking and agility.

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